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Are the names of the children in Trinidad Sunil? A big revelation made by Gavaskar’s friend

As soon as the name Sunil Gavaskar is heard, Vijay’s shout of victory fills the ears. Gavaskar is a great Assamese in the world of cricket. Gavaskar is celebrating his 74th birthday on Monday (July 10). So, today we are going to tell you the unique story of this legendary player, which is rarely known to people.

A friend of Sunil Gavaskar was from the Caribbean. Now you may wonder what is the surprise in this, the surprise is that Ispahani Ali (Ispahani Ali) i.e. ‘SP’ from Trinidad was doing commentary at the Wankhede Stadium for the IPL game. During the commentary this time, Gavaskar’s anecdote came up, and it was a memory from the 70s and 80s. That’s when Gavaskar became ‘Sunny’ and since then came to be known as the true master of world cricket.

On this occasion, the SP said that even today no one comes close to the excellence of Sunil Gavaskar. The new generation is now hooked on the Indian Premier League (IPL), but for them, Sunny is still the greatest. He further says that today’s Selfie generation will not understand what Gavaskar is to the people living in Trinidad. Because at that time while playing with West Indies, Gavaskar was playing without a helmet.

“What we see now is nothing, at that time the lobby of the hotel used to be thronged with people in the evenings, just to see Sunny. Thousands of people were waiting to autograph and say hello,” the SP said at the time, reminiscing.

The West Indies planned to get Gavaskar, the new boy who came in the 1971 tour, out. At that time, Gavaskar stood by everyone. He still has a huge fan base in the West Indies. Espy said, “West Indies bowlers are very fast, if they don’t like you, they can target you. West Indies had a meeting to scold Sunil Gavaskar during the game. He never wears a helmet during a match, I asked him, why don’t you wear a helmet? He said, “He is never afraid.”

Meanwhile, Esp’s father was in the real estate business, while in 1971 he was staying at the same hotel where the Indian team was staying. It was very difficult to get outside food in those days, and so his father arranged meals for the entire Indian team. Meanwhile, this was Gavaskar’s first visit to the Caribbean and the two became close friends from then on.

As Sunny rose to fame at that time, Esp became the go-to man in the West Indies. There were no agents traveling with the players at the time and so when fans saw Gavaskar talking to them during the tea break, many requests were made to meet him. “All came together and all made one request, Oh, shall we meet them?”

At that time the craze started that families in Trinidad decided to name their son Sunil. He further said, “After Sunil started scoring runs and became popular during cricket, most families named their newborn after him and whenever you go to Trinidad you will find many children named Sunil, especially those born in the 70s-80s. . I have four friends named Sunil, who are now in America.”

Once Gavaskar went to Rohan Kanhai’s son’s birthday party, Gavaskar was too tired to give autographs. Because he had a lot of people coming, he requested the SP to sign on his behalf and I wrote at that time, “I am just helping Sunil, he is tired.”

Gavaskar was always joking. Talks less about cricket and more about grandchildren. Even after all these years, his popularity has not waned, Espy adds.

“More than three decades after Gavaskar stopped playing, even today, whenever he goes to Trinidad, crowds gather. House of Chan, a Chinese restaurant in Port of Spain, still plays that famous calypso song when he walks into the restaurant.”

Career of Gavaskar
Talking about Gavaskar’s career, he has scored 10122 runs in 214 innings in 125 matches at an average of 51.12. Meanwhile, he has scored 34 centuries and 45 fifties. Meanwhile his best score is 236 not out. Additionally, he has scored 3092 runs at an average of 35.13 in 108 matches. In this he has only 1 century to his name. (Little Master’s popularity in West Indies gavaskars friend Ispahani Ali narrates tales of the sunny)

Important news-
Sunil Gavaskar was saved due to the understanding of his relatives, otherwise he would have become a direct fisherman
Why did Gavaskar play without a helmet against dangerous fast bowlers? ‘This’ was the reason

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