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Dada who wipes the ‘Gharke Sher’ stain on Team India

Yesterday was Dhoni’s birthday. Dhoni has a huge fan base. He has seen the success India has achieved under the leadership of Dhoni. Naturally, they sing Dhoni’s songs. Should also be sung. His achievement is so great. However, the foundation of all this was laid by Dada.

When Dada became the captain, the Indian team was recovering from a major setback. In such a situation, Dada started building the team’s moat. He made the Indian team accustomed to victory by giving opportunities to new players. Dada’s leadership played a major role in erasing the stamp of the Indian team as ‘Gharke Sher’. Although cricket is a gentleman’s game, Dada did not hesitate to take down his opponent when the time came. Such behavior from the Indian captain and team was shocking to everyone. Dada never cared about him. He always answered ‘Hey’ with ‘Why?’ Nech replied.

People sing the sweetness of Dhoni’s captaincy. Dhoni is a diamond. But Dada is a jeweler who makes many diamonds. Bhajji, Sehwag, Kaif, Gambhir, Zaheer, Yuvraj, Nehra were the diamonds who were discovered and crushed by Apacha Dada. Take a look at the 2011 World Cup winning team. All the names written above will be found in the list. So Dada Jawahiri!!

There are many who question Dada’s batting, but there are just as many who admire his leadership qualities. No wonder he is called ‘The Man Who Changed Indian Cricket’. To know why Baki Dada is called the ‘King of Offside’, you have to go to YouTube.

It is impossible not to have an article on Dada and nothing about the NatWest series final. Even today after almost 18 years, many Indians, cricket fans remember that incident very vividly. Understand that even 18 years after an event, its importance does not diminish. India’s victory on that day and the act of removing Dada’s shirt marked the arrival of the Indian team in the world of cricket.

India’s performance in Tests was not very good. But under the leadership of Dada, India jumped from the eighth position to the second position in Tests. The win against Australia is the highest. Another good thing about Dada is his faith in the players. An example of this is sending Sehwag to the opener. After that, the Rada worn by Sehwag is world famous. Another example is Dada’s support of Kumble. While the selection committee said that Kumble would not work in Australia, Dada stubbornly took him into the team. Kumble was India’s best performer in that series.

Dada was criticized for forcing Dravid to keep wickets. Dravid himself sometimes dismisses Dada for fun. But this decision of Dada was very beneficial for India. Dravid certainly appreciates this but hats off to Dada’s ability to make this gamble successful!

After retirement, Dada commented. It was fun listening to his juggling with the other commentators on the mic. He also served as the president of CAB. Now he is acting as BCCI president. If everything goes well, he can become the ICC president soon. This shows that Dada who performed well as a player, captain is also a good administrator.

If you measure Dada’s success by numbers, World Cup, Dada seems to fall short. However, this does not change the fact that Dada changed the face of Indian cricket with his leadership qualities. The edifice of Indian cricket stands today because of Dada’s heroic attitude, fearlessness and especially his ability to breathe life into the team using these qualities. Dhoni is certainly successful but Dada is Dada after all and will remain Dada!

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