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Exciting news from Australia while the IPL starts! ‘Eddha’ matches in the famous tournament were reduced

Just as the Indian Premier League 2023 is about to start, news has come to the fore that will shock the fans. However, this news is about the Big Bash League T20 tournament. Australia has decided to reduce the matches in BBL. It is reported that this decision has been taken only after the agreement with the broadcasters. Meanwhile, BBL will now have 40 matches instead of 56. This means 16 matches will be played less in the Big Bash League.

Also, from this new season each team will now be able to play only 10 matches. This new provision will be added to the Big Bash League from this summer. Apart from the league round matches, the final series schedule has also been shortened. Now, instead of 5, only 4 teams will go to the finals. However, its form is yet to be decided.

The matches will be held in December
The schedule of this tournament has not been revealed yet. However, the schedule is expected to be announced in July and the matches will start in December. Meanwhile, due to the reduction of matches, the league has reached back 6 to 7 years. This means, (2017-18) when the eight-team Big Bash League was all the rage. Due to time constraints, the season may need to be completed during the school holidays due to Christmas. Also, care has been taken to ensure that overseas players will be available for more matches and Australia’s Test players will get a better opportunity to play matches.

Still time for league dates
Meanwhile, the Big Bash League dates are yet to be announced. However, currently no change has been made in the Women’s Big Bash League. Furthermore, BBL manager Alastair Dobson said at the time, “By reducing the 16 matches we will be able to achieve our objective of giving the best to the club and the fans. As a league, we’re always looking at how we can innovate and evolve over time.”

Matches were to be reduced last year
Cricket Australia (Latest Australia Big Bash League) expressed its desire to reduce the competition during broadcast discussions last summer, with plans for 2024-25. However, it also emerged that local broadcasters Foxtel and Seven were both keen to make the switch early, but many contracts with club sponsors and changes to venue arrangements were required. (Men’s Big Bash League Latest Update)

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