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Finally found out! Virat Kohli uses this company’s mobile phone, priced in lakhs

Virat Kohli is one of the most famous players in the world The name is also included. Virat has as many as 242 million followers on Instagram. Virat’s popularity is not only in India, but worldwide. From the cricket field to what Virat uses in his personal life, there is always a lot of discussion. But which phone does Virat use? Fans are also asking this question. However, now this question has been answered.

Virat Kohli shared a picture with the phone
Royal Challengers Bangalore (Royal Challengers Bangalore) team recently shared a photo of Virat Kohli. In this photo, Virat Kohli is seen walking with a mobile (Virat Kohli Mobile) in his hand. Interestingly, he has not one, but two mobile phones in his hand. Virat has an Apple iPhone and another foldable mobile in his hand. The price of the foldable mobile is around one lakh rupees. Also, the price of the iPhone is more than one lakh rupees.

Earlier, Virat had shared a photo on his Instagram. In this he is seen with a phone. The phone that Virat is holding in his hand is blue in color. He shared the photo and wrote, “My favorite blue,” in the caption. After this, Virat’s fans and people who know about gadgets are also wondering which brand of phone Virat is using.

Virat uses Vivo V25 series phone?
However, Virat Kohli additionally uses an iPhone. However, according to people who know about the gadget, the phone seen in Virat Kohli’s hand is a Vivo V25 series phone. However, Vivo has not officially launched this phone in the market so far. However, that being said, Virat is the brand ambassador of Vivo, so it is only normal that he gets the mobile before the launch. However, many users on social media are saying that this could be a marketing stunt. (cricketer virat kohli mysterious blue smartphone leaves fans confused iphone apple rcb ipl 2023)

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