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‘I will tell you after I become the coach of Pakistan’, says Rohit Sharma, who is throwing water on the hard work of the journalist

Today is the birthday of Rohit Sharma, the captain of the Indian cricket team and who rules the hearts of millions of cricket lovers. Rohit turned 36 years old. We get to see many aspects of Rohit’s personality who has gained immense popularity. Even he does not seem to have made any false attempt to preserve his image. Whatever it is is open. Sometimes he is seen shouting and getting angry at his colleagues. Sometimes he won the hearts of the opposing team by showing sportsmanship. His presence eats the most emotions. Let us know some stories of his presence.

Cricket fans and cricket connoisseurs say it is a treat to talk to Rohit in a press conference. Because, without giving any diplomatic answer, he speaks whatever comes to his lips from his heart. Now to tell the first anecdote, after winning the 2018 Asia Cup, he was asked, “You are so successful in IPL, you are the captain, won the Nidas trophy, now you have won the Asia Cup. Would you like to captain the Indian team for a long time?” At that the next moment he smiled and replied, “Yes, I am ready.” He took the air out of the question by answering the question with such ease.

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Sunandan Lele, famous for his flamboyant questions, once praised Ajinkya Rahane, saying, “Sala chabuk batting karta hai”. Rohit caught his word on that. With a smile he said, “Yar, sala mat kaho, hum bachpan se saath saath hai..” Now that the topic of Lele is out of the question, whenever these two Marathi guys come face-to-face, their juggling act is something to watch at the international level. By the way, both of them are eloquent in speaking Marathi. However, ahead of the series against England in 2021-2022, he directly told other journalists to “just ask questions like Sunandan sir”.

Two years before this, the Indian team defeated Pakistan in the 2019 World Cup. Of course, Rohit had scored a powerful century. Later in the press conference a journalist asked “What would you suggest to the Pakistan team to come out of their bad batting form?” Asked such an oblique question. Rohit’s reply, “I will tell you after becoming the coach of Pakistan”, caused laughter in the entire auditorium. During the World Cup itself, Rohit directly attacked the morale of the Pakistani team by directly saying, “India-Pakistan match has more spectators than we do”.

It was during the 2018 tour of South Africa that he bluntly said, “We can’t retire and come out hurt, so that the middle order gets a chance.”

Rohit is infamous in the entire cricket world for being forgetful. An anecdote of his forgetfulness happened after winning the 2017 IPL. The journalist asked Rohit and Parthiv Patel three or four questions in a row. When Rohit was asked for the answer, this is the beauty of Rohit. Saying “Now I forgot the question” she threw water on all the hard work of the journalist.

To put it bluntly, during the Test series against Australia, watch the interview given to Nagpur Test Jatin Sapru and Irfan Pathan on Youtube. Harbhajan Singh, who is now a former cricketer and has been Rohit’s colleague for many years, repeatedly says, “You will not find another person as clear-minded as Rohit” in that interview. (Rohit Sharma in press conference)

Happy birthday Rohit

Important news-
Rohit, who today owns crores, once did not even have money to pay school fees, needs to pay ‘Ashi’.

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