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IPL 2023 FINAL: This will be the atmosphere in Ahmedabad on Monday, will Varun Raja rain again?

The final match of IPL 2023, which has been played in twelve cities across India for the last 56 days, was scheduled to be played on Sunday (May 28). However, due to heavy rain for five consecutive hours, this match will be played on a reserve day i.e. Monday (May 29). The match will be played at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. As there was no toss due to rain on Sunday, now all eyes are on how the weather will be in Ahmedabad on Monday.

As soon as the toss was not held due to rain on Sunday, it was announced that the match would be played on the next day. Ahmedabad will have clean and clear weather till Monday afternoon. In the evening it will become cloudy with some showers around 6 o’clock. However, its emphasis will not be more. Against this backdrop, the match will start somewhat late, but a full overs match can be seen. The atmosphere will remain cloudy even around eight-nine o’clock in the evening. In such a case, if it starts raining again, the players and the spectators may get crowded again.

In case of rain again on Monday, no overs will be shortened till 9:35 minutes. However, if the match starts by 10 o’clock then it will be played in 17 overs each. So if the game starts by 10:30, then the game will be 15 overs each. Also, if the game starts after 11 o’clock, it will be played in 12 overs. In addition, five overs each can be played if play starts from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. If not, the match will be canceled and Gujarat Titans team will be declared the winner as they scored the most points in the league round.

(Ahmedabad Weather Forecast For Monday 29 May For IPL 2023 Final)

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