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Madhya Pradesh beat Mumbai to win Ranji Trophy, Know all-time winners and runners-up in one click

The final match of Ranji Trophy 2021-22 between Mumbai vs Madhya Pradesh was very exciting. Madhya Pradesh beat Mumbai by 6 wickets to win the title for the first time in Ranji history. Mumbai’s dream of lifting the Ranji Trophy once again after 5 years has remained a dream.

Meanwhile, before this season, let’s know which teams have reached the final in the history of Ranji Trophy and who managed to win the title?

Mumbai remains the most successful team in the Ranji Trophy. Mumbai has won the title a record 41 times. So this year it was his 47th time to reach the final. The Mysore team of Karnataka Purvashrami remains the second most successful team after Mumbai. He has won the Ranji Trophy 8 times. So 6 times they have to settle for the runner-up position. Delhi team ranks third in this. They have won the Ranji Trophy 7 times and lost 8 times reaching the final.

Ranji Trophy Winners & Runners Up –
2021-22 Madhya Pradesh (Winner), Mumbai (Runner-up)
2019-20 Saurashtra (Winner), Bengal (Runner-up)
2018-19 Vidarbha (Winner), Saurashtra (Runner-up)
2017-18 Vidarbha, Delhi
2016-17 Gujarat, Mumbai
2015-16 Mumbai, Saurashtra
2014-15 Karnataka, Tamil Nadu
2013-14 Karnataka, Maharashtra
2012-13 Mumbai, Saurashtra
2011-12 Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu
2010-11 Rajasthan, Baroda
2009-10 Mumbai, Karnataka
2008-09 Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh
2007-08 Delhi, Uttar Pradesh
2006-07 Mumbai, Bengal
2005-06 Uttar Pradesh, Bengal
2004-05 Railways, Punjab
2203-04 Mumbai. Tamil Nadu
2002-03 Mumbai, Tamil Nadu
2001-02 Railway, Baroda
2000-01 Baroda, Railways
1999-2000 Mumbai, Hyderabad
1998-99 Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh
1997-98 Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh
1996-97 Mumbai, Delhi
1995-96 Karnataka, Tamil Nadu
1994-95 Bombay (Mumbai), Punjab
1993-94 Bombay, Bengal
1992-93 Punjab, Maharashtra
1991-92 Delhi, Tamil Nadu
1990-91 Haryana, Bombay
1989-90 Bengal, Delhi
1988-89 Delhi, Bengal
1987-88 Tamil Nadu, Railways
1986-87 Hyderabad, Delhi
1985-86 Delhi, Haryana
1984-85 Mumbai, Delhi
1983-84 Mumbai, Delhi
1982-83 Karnataka, Mumbai
1981-82 Delhi, Karnataka
1980-81 Mumbai, Delhi
1979-80 Delhi, Mumbai
1978-79 Delhi, Karnataka
1977-78 Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh
1976-77 Mumbai, Delhi
1975-76 Bombay, Bihar
1974-75 Mumbai, Karnataka
1973-74 Karnataka, Rajasthan
1972-73 Mumbai, Tamil Nadu
1971-72 Bombay, Bengal
1970-71 Mumbai, Maharashtra
1969-70 Mumbai, Rajasthan
1968-69 Bombay, Bengal
1967-68 Bombay, Madras
1966,67 Mumbai, Rajasthan
1965-66 Bombay, Rajasthan
1964-65 Bombay, Hyderabad
1963-64 Bombay, Rajasthan
1962-63 Bombay, Rajasthan
1961-62 Bombay, Rajasthan
1960-61 Bombay, Rajasthan
1959-60 Bombay, Mysore
1958-59 Bombay, Bengal
1957-58 Baroda, Services
1956-57 Bombay, Services
1955-56 Bombay, Bengal
1954-55 Madras, Holkar
1953-54 Bombay, Holkar
1952-53 Holkar, Bengal
1951-52 Bombay, Holkar
1950-51 Holkar, Gujarat
1949-50 Baroda, Holkar
1948-49 Bombay, Baroda
1947-48 Holkar, Bombay
1946-47 Baroda, Holkar
1944-45 Bombay, Holkar
1943-44 West India, Bengal
1942-43 Baroda, Hyderabad
1941-42 Bombay, Mysore
1940-41 Maharashtra, Madras
1939,40 Maharashtra, United Provinces
1938-39 Bengal, Southern Punjab
1937-38 Hyderabad, Navnagar
1936-37 Nawanagar, Bengal
1935-36 Bombay, Madras
1934-35 Bombay, North India

Important news-

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Pant has a chance to win the first T20 series as a ‘captain’, if he loses the series, his unbeaten record will be broken

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