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Not Gilchrist, the Indian is the world’s richest cricketer, revealed the Australian legend himself

Former Australia captain Adam Gilchrist was revealed to be the richest cricketer in the world a few days ago. Fans were surprised to see Gilchrist reach the top spot in the list, surpassing India’s legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar. How did Gilchrist suddenly become so rich? This question was asked by the fans. But now Gilchrist himself has made a big revelation about this report.

The report included the names of the 10 richest athletes in the world. Adam Gilchrist was said to be the owner of $3132 million and was number one in the list. Sachin, who was number one till last year, was at number two in the list. Compared to Gilchrist, Sachin’s assets were only 170 million dollars. The difference between these two was significant. Against this background, fans had many questions about Gilchrist. Now the Australian legend himself has given an explanation about this. According to Gilchrist, his name appeared at number one on the list by mistake.

According to Gilchrist’s explanation, Adam Gilchrist, who tops the list of richest sportsmen, is not himself. Number one Adam Gilchrist is the owner of Ep45 Fitness Center, a former cricketer. It is for this reason that the name of Gilchriste, who has now become a big businessman, came to the first place in the list. This Gilchrist has earned more than 50 million dollars in 2022. Last year, his company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, which brought him a lot of money.

Informing about this, the Australian legend said, “It happened because of people’s misidentification. There is no doubt that this person is another person with the same name as me. He founded F45 and also played cricket.” The post is from Gilchrist’s official social media account, which is currently the talk of the town.

Gilchrist also used the hashtag “yasafesachin” in the post. Because Tendulkar is the most incorrect information in the world, Tendulkar remains in his first position as the richest cricketer in the world. (Not Adam Gilchrist, Sachin Tendulkar is the richest cricketer in the world. Gilchrist himself said the report a few days ago was wrong)

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